Land that Dream Job Through an Employment Agency in Westchester NY

8 Nov

Temporary jobs are a great way to gain experience or branching out to a different field that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered if you are trying to build up your career. The beauty about landing a temp job is you get to keep your expectations low while you decide on a new career path.  Trying to find jobs in Westchester County is made easier when you look for employment agencies focused on matching employers with possible workers.

A long process of interview

One of the misconceptions about a typical employment agency in Westchester, NY is that it deducts a good percentage of your salary which eats into your take home pay. There are different types of agencies: some are headhunters that are paid by employers to fill certain vacancies. Other types are manpower agencies that pay the worker on contract basis. You are continually assessed for the job performance, whether or not your contract will be renewed or you will be assigned to another assignment. Consider it as a long interview process. You will only go as far as you are willing to go.

What are the opportunities for me?

Even as the government harps on the economic reforms, the fact is jobs in Westchester County are still slow in coming. As jobs become in demand, more and more companies are turning to employment agencies to make things easier for them. First, they only deal with one entity for all labor issues rather than individuals. Some companies, unfortunately, choose temp service agencies to dissolve workers’ unions. If there’s no immediate vacancy in the field, you are in a prime position to be hired once there’s an opening if you prove to your employer that you are worthy to be hired. Because you are out on the field, you can also build your network rather than stay at home scouring the Internet for a job.


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