Updating your Resume and Positioning Yourself for Jobs in Westchester

8 Oct

The number of private sector jobs in Westchester is at an all time high. The labor department has stated that the employment opportunities from the private sector have gone up all over New York. Westchester is one of the local areas, which has reduced the unemployment rate significantly in the past few months. If you have been trying to get a job, this is the time to update your resume.

Taking the First Step

If it has been a long time before you updated your resume, then the best thing to do is to start completely from scratch rather than trying to change a few lines. If it has been years before you updated it, you should start the entire document from the beginning. List down all the qualifications and the experience that you have acquired over the years, before going to an employment agency in Westchester NY.

Lean and Concise

It is important that you make the resume lean and easier to read though. This also helps you to focus on your key skill-set as relates to the position you are trying to get. You need to remember to focus on what the recruiter for jobs in Westchester is expecting to hear from you. During this economic recovery period, you will be facing a lot of competition from job seekers trying to get back into formal employment.

Online Version

As you look for a suitable employment agency in Westchester NY, make a point of having an online resume active on Linkedin. Keep it short and concise and optimize it to ensure that the right keywords are used so that it can be found easily.

You should also make a point of actively participating in Westchester discussions on the Linkedin forum. You can always build connections there that could prove valuable in helping you find the kind of employment opportunity that you are looking for.


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